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MOJI BINGO MATH  a app for Ipad or  for google (look for it in Google play) to learn the clock / 4 operations / how many... from 5/6 to 10 - You can play against the Computer or against the other. It is enough a computer or an Ipad and a video projector

MATTE DUEL: a challenge between you and the IPAD or you and the others (You can use in pair with a computer.). It is enough a computer or an Ipad and a video projector. A bomb keep the time, if you are out of time the bomb explodes. It is fine to help children become faster and faster. The time is set.  

JUNGLE FRACTIONS:  an app for ipad  to understand fractions. Age: from 8 to 12

FLIPQUIZ a tool to create complex quiz to play in teams and without device - From 4 to 99 years old. We can use it at the end of the week to review the work done, for only one subject or for many subjects together. it stimulates collaboration and allows everyone to be protagonist in someway. 

A link to a website where you can find 365 software which are free  Check it out.

And the link to group creator.

SCRATCH  creative coding  - create your own animation

MAKEY MAKEY make connections through Makey Makey and send the computer a keyboard messages

Coding unplugged and with blocks using 

Age: from 4 to 18

TRAINING by Alessandra Serra about: Tinkering and coding

webtoools proposed 

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