Project summary

The 3-year partnership develops a broad meaningful exchange of best practices and effective trainings in innovative methods, in order to activate teaching practices, strengthen learning and concretely achieve the 8 Key Competences 2020. An inclusive and active school fills a need of a real integration, and gives the opportunity to meet current learners necessity .The only possibility to create a mixture of the future European citizens has to be pursued from early childhood in a shared and experiential way. Doing together!
Our aim is to exchange and experience active and inclusive methods to understand and promote Life Skills in an inclusive context. The partnership involves 5 Countries: Iceland Italy Norway Poland Romania, sharing different experiences and skills with a common new school concept: experiential, dynamic and inclusive; 5 for a wider perspective to integrate the various school systems on a common rich multifaceted path. 4 Partners already have European experience, 1 is at its first. Each country has a background and a specific expertise that lacks to the others in at least one important learning area. In so doing, every partner influences positively the group contributing to its general growth.

The group has the potential to undertake a structured pathway aimed to:

1)  Meet the need for professional growth, by making partner schools learn innovative methods to initiate pupils from 4 to 13, to the acquisition of all 8 Key Competences and Life skills, integrating them permanently in the school curricula effectively and functionally

2)  Increase, among teachers, the habit of using informal methods aimed to facilitate the best level of inclusion for pupils in difficulty or disadvantage in order to affect the school welfare and on the sense of belonging positively, reducing at the same time early school leaving

3)  Synthesize and promote new and past knowledge/experiences/skills/best a WEB PLATFORM”TRACES OF EUROPE: ACTIVE METHODS FOR LEARNING” that will enable other European teachers to understand why, with which methods, tools and activities bring their schools to active learning. The platform will also contain many practical and reproducible lessons, for pupils from 4 to 13, dedicated to each innovative method and related worksheets and it will be promoted on eTwinning/Twitter/Schooleducationgateway

4)  Leave a TRACE of Europe in every Country that has an impact on all components of each host partner area: school children, parents, communities, municipalities. The TRACE “Love for Learning”, a monument made by children, teachers and municipalities will be placed in a public place and possibly outdoor in the Community, to witness the European effort towards building a single people

5)  Maintain ICT, Social Emotional Learning, English and Learn to Learn across the whole project

This is possible thanks to 3 Transnational meetings, 6 Short-term mobility for teachers (one for each method) and 1 Short-term mobilities for pupils. Each country will always be present to enable the wider sharing and growth. In each meeting, parents, communities and municipalities will also be involved. All activities carried out at school with pupils are applicative of new activated knowledge and are designed to test the effectiveness of the methods and the created environment. They will all be documented with ICT tools and uploaded to the project platform

The expected impact is high: the active approach and the "normalization" of innovative methods, acquired in the 8 key competence framework, will radically change the teaching practices, not only for the 5 partner countries, but also for all those who will get in contact with the project, its web platform, its several dissemination activities

• It is a project that trains teachers to improve their professional skills and competences. It is a long-term investment in staff who will act in the school, focusing their educational action on many pupils for a long time, who will represent future European men and women, maybe future decision-makers and, above all, members of only one Country: Europe.

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